Project Management

  • Check Icon Site reconnaissance and assessment
  • Check Icon Feasibility and case studies
  • Check Icon Engineering design preparation
  • Check Icon Corporate identity and branding

We use a project management approach based on our technical expertise and attention to detail when installing electric charging stations. First, through site reconnaissance and assessment studies, we determine the necessary steps and requirements to install the project correctly. We conduct feasibility and case studies so we can make the necessary assessments to ensure the project is viable and sustainable.

During the technical planning stage, we develop strategies for smooth and efficient operation, taking into account all the technical details and requirements for installing charging stations. Corporate identity and branding studies play a key role in the project's success and help us make the necessary planning for the project to be fully in line with our client's brand identity. We serve with the responsibility that our leading position in the industry imposes on us, managing projects with detailed and professional care every step of the way.